Clippings and Commentary

Items about our Holocaust-obsessed world.

Admissions against interest about ‘the Holocaust’

So many Holocaust extermination claims are ridiculous that even those who support the extermination thesis cannot support each claim. We are left with a patchwork historiography of the Holocaust — which, remember, is supposedly the best-documented event in history — where nothing is as it seems.

Documents relating to ‘the Holocaust’

The documents in this collection relate to the Holocaust extermination story in many ways, hopefully shedding light on aspects of the Holocaust and how the currently-told version of it comes down to us. These documents, therefore, are no so much evidentiary in nature, as they are simply thought-provoking.

Remarkable nonsense about ‘the Holocaust’

Because the Holocaust has become in many ways a secular religion — even for those who are not Jewish — one is not permitted to say anything that can in any way be construed as less than fawning about the plight of the Jews in Europe. Likewise, one is permitted to say just about anything that supports the popular view of the Holocaust, no matter how erroneous or wrong-headed. Here are some passages that contain remarkable nonsense about the Holocaust.

Show me the money

The standard Holocaust line is that Jews were just like other Europeans of that time. After Hitler came to power, the story goes, some of the wealthier Jews were able to escape the Nazis, but those Jews who were left — the poor and down-trodden — were trapped and mercilessly exterminated. And yet, judging by the cries for reparations, Jews in Europe in 1932 owned all the best business properties, all the best homes, all the gold, and all the fine art — which now must be returned.

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