‘Will Aid Starving Jews’

Protestant and Catholic clergy to Aid Near East Relief Movement.

Washington, November 26 — A movement to enlist 50,000 Protestant and Catholic clergy in an organization to save 5,000,000 Jews in Eastern and Central Europe was begun here today under the direction of the American Christian Fund for Jewish Relief.

Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, President of the Federal Council of Churches and Judge Victor J. Dowling, a representative Catholic layman, are joint chairman of the fund. The call for the movement says one third of the Jewish population of the world is in distress and in some parts of Europe the death rate among Jewish babies is almost 100%.

“The facts are appalling,” the call states. “Thousands of Jews are dying of want right now. Hundreds of thousands are confronted by the most painful death — hunger. Unless help is given, 5,000,000 will starve. This does not mean that they will die immediately, but that they will linger, with lack of sufficient food, and some will die next week, some next month and each succeeding month, unless relief comes, one way or another.

Source: New York Times
November 27, 1926