Death by urine gas

A Polish refugee, Abe Furmanski, who lived through the period of Nazi rule, told his story later in Oswego, New York, where he had found a haven. Mr. Furmanski said, in a deposition:

On November 11, 1943, the whole of France was occupied by German troops. Now the Jews were without any protection. There was terrible panic among them.

They were poisoned in the camps. In trucks which were meant to hold twenty people, the Germans placed a hundred. Quicklime was placed on the floor about ten inches deep. The doors were sealed hermetically. These people had to pass their water — that would start the lime cooking. Gas and fumes came up and choked them to death. Bodies were thrown into special crematories on the border between Germany and Poland and burned there. The Germans said it was the most economical method. Their motto was, “Kill Russians with bullets — Jews with gas.”


The Black Book of Polish Jewry, 1946 (English-language edition), page 379-380. The footnote at the end of this passage reads, “Obtained from the U.S. Department of Interior.”