Nazi use of atomic weapons to kill Jews at Auschwitz

Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal. Nuremberg: IMT, 1947.

21 Jun. 46

“Mr. Justice Jackson:
And certain experiments were also conducted and certain researches conducted in atomic energy, were they not?
“[Albert] Speer:
We had not got as far as that, unfortunately, because the finest experts we had in atomic research had emigrated to America …
“Mr. Justice Jackson:
Now, I have certain information, which was placed in my hands, of an experiment which was carried out near Auschwitz. The purpose of the experiment was to find a quick and complete way of destroying people without the delay and trouble of shooting and gassing and burning, as it had been carried out, and this is the experiment, as I am advised. A village, a small village, was provisionally erected, with temporary structures, and in it approximately 20,000 Jews were put. By means of this newly invented weapon of destruction, these 20,000 people were eradicated almost instantaneously, and in such a way that there was no trace …”