No business like Shoah business

Too many books are written on the Holocaust. There are too many films and television plays that exploit the subject …

There is a fascination with the Holocaust and with Nazism. There may, in fact, be “no business like Shoah business.” The problem is that many of these productions, if not most, are historically inaccurate, sentimental, romantic, exotic and hyperbolic, and so they ultimately distort and cheapen the Holocaust.

The popularization and commercialization of the Holocaust is not only unhistorical but it is antihistorical. Over time, it will inevitably subvert the historical sense and strip it of any moral implications it may carry.


Dr. Michael M. Dobkowski, Professor of Religious Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Martyrdom and Resistance

International Society for Yad Vashem, New York City

Sept.-Oct. 1990, p. 4.