6 million did not die in the gas chambers

Inside, 12-31-1994

Philip Bialowitz still remembers the ear-piercing shrieks. "I could hear the screams of those in the gas chamber," says Bialowitz, his voice rising as he remembers the horror of it all. "It was like thunder."

Bialowitz, 66, of Little Neck, N.Y., is one of 11 living survivors of the Sobibor extermination camp. At 15, he and a group of other teenagers were ordered by their Nazi captors to cut the hair of Jewish women moments before they entered the gas chamber — a chamber supposedly containing showers.


But Philip Bialowitz can never forget that "bodies were taken out and burned in stacks. Hundreds of them were burned like steaks." Historians estimate that 250,000 Jews were murdered in the 18 months Sobibor operated.


"There is more recorded documentation of genocide during the Holocaust than at any other time in the history of mankind," says the ADL’s Jeffrey Ross. Historians point out that not one of the Nazis tried for war crimes ever denied the existence of gas chambers or the plan to exterminate the Jews.


Stewart Ain is a staff writer for the Jewish Week.

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