I somehow stumbled onto your web site while looking for articles on talk shows (go figure!). I was particularly intrigued by the major contradiction that exists between what you say in your caveat browser (“If you find material on this Web site that is untrue, please tell me and I will change it. If you find material on this Web site that is racist or hateful, please tell me and I will remove it”) and your well advertised commitment to free speech.

I take it, then, that you don’t consider anti-semitism to be either racist or hateful, nor are you too concerned with truth, otherwise you’d have precious little left on your site. So let me offer you another caveat: don’t bother making statements you have no intention of upholding.

Doubtless you will ignore this, just as I will make a point of never visiting this site again, but in the interests of free speech for all, including the millions of Jews silenced during WWII, I just had to express my disgust.

Penny Allison [[email protected]]