The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington

I have read your thesis “A Costly and Dangerous Mistake” by Theodore J. O’Keefe. I would like to make some comments as follows.

  • The Holocaust is a unique event in history which should be studied by all Nations of the World to avoid similar occurrences in the future. What we see in Bosnia, East Timur or Rwanda today could be avoided if the Nations understood the meaning of Holocaust.
  • The Jewish Authority in Palestine may have collaborated with the Nazis or the Devil himself in order to save lives or promote the Jewish Cause in Palestine. What is wrong with that ??? To suggest anything else is ludicrous. And how is this relevant to issue of the Museum itself ?
  • Your anti-semitism is just as obvious and disgusting as that of a illiterate peasant who inevitably blames all of his little world’s problems on Jews and the World Jewish Conspiracy. Except that he is infinitely more intellectually honest than you are: he says what he believes in simple words, while you hide under a mask of a scholar and a democrat.

Ed Zaltz, Ontario, Canada