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Listen, dumbshit, if you have your head too far up your fucking ass, you might want to pause for a second and think about what you’re writing.

First let me explain who i am and why i’m so goddamn pissed off after reading your bullshit on the net. I’m a freshmen college student attending Humboldt State, Ca. That’s all you need to know. Have you seen the pictures, motherfucker? have you visited the holocaust museum motherfucker? do you know what death is motherfucker? do you know what your own death times six million is motherfucker? have you seen a video clip of a man so emaciated that he was down to forty five pounds? a fully grown man starved to forty fuckin five pounds and you say that the holocaust never happened. let me tell you something, shit dick, are you a nazi? are you a faciest piece of shit that roams the earth like a fucking plague, deceiving, like some…i don’t even fucking know i’m so fucking pissed right now. i don’t like to make enemies. i hate making enemies. i don’t want to hate someone i don’t even know. i just want to let you know that what you said offended me, and offended my religion, and offended my family. you offend me, your words offend me, your mother offends me. have a nice day.

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