Re: Rekindle the ovens, man

[Webmaster] The sticking point involves this “gas chamber,” which you imply had been in use, while virtually every scholar who has studied the Holocaust now acknowledges that either 1) there was no gas chamber at Dachau, or 2) there was a gas chamber but it was not used.

“imply” your weird ass! I saw gas chambers. I went into Dachau the day it was liberated. Nothing had been done, except officials from two US Infantry Divisions, were trying to sort things out, plus General Officers from SHAEF who had been flown in by me, and other pilots. The place was in chaos, out of control for hours. Inmates killing double-crossers, American soldiers machine-gunning 150-250 SS. Corpses piled near the crematories, ashes in piles, dead bodies all over the place. And a small gas chamber. It said “Gas Chamber in German, skull & cross bone warnings. A real gas chamber. The facts are, the gas chamber was used, but not as much as in Auschwitz, and it was smaller. I have books explaining all this.

You, just like the others, simply dismiss out of hand facts which can be proven, and you can’t prove item one. What I wrote above means nothing to you. I saw it, you read about it, and have the balls to question my integrity. Sick SOB, and I don’t like to call people names, but you are a liar, and you spread lies and hate. And you get paid to do it.

[Webmaster] The only photo of a so-called gas chamber at Dachau that has been made publically available is actually a photo of a delousing chamber, which is a gas chamber, but not a homicidal gas chamber.

How do you know there are no other photos? How do you know what I saw was never used to gas humans to death? You don’t know and you can’t prove it. Prove it and I’ll apologize on-line. Other-wise shutup!

[Webmaster] Your account is typical of many GIs who heard rumors of how terrible the Germans were, and upon

You haven’t a clue, asshole. Put down the 25,000-50,000 GIs who were involved in fighting and getting shot all to hell liberating Nazi camps all over Europe. What can we expect from people like you. You know doodly-shit about anything that wasn’t written by some scumbag revisionist idiot. Don’t insult me and others who did their job, while you rested in some 4-f jerks scrotum. And shut the hell up. At least don’t bother me anymore. People like you suck, I have zero respect or tolerance for your ilk.

[Webmaster] returning home claimed to be eyewitnesses to all kinds of things that simply were not there.

Just how the hell would you know anything about that? What crap. Better stay away from me, fella, I mean it. Call me a liar, and your ass will be sorry.

chuck ferree [email protected]