Leave Hitler out of it


The Jerusalem Post


On the political extremes, the use of Nazi or Holocaust imagery to delegitimize the opposition is not new, even to Israel only 50 years after the Shoah…


Even worse, in our context, is the delegitimizing, demonizing use of World War II epithets. Don’t like your political opponent and really want to bury him? Call him a Nazi or say that he is causing a Holocaust.

It’s easy.

There is no need to see the other side of a political argument, especially if the opponent’s views are diametrically opposed to yours. Just brand him a Nazi and be done with him.

This is a distressing sign of a democracy that is beginning to fray; where legitimate ideological debate is stifled by character assassination with genocidal overtones.

[…] Name-calling that attributes Nazi behavior to a political or theological opponent is obscene…

Sunday, January 31, 1999     14 Shevat 5759   Updated Sun., Jan. 31 09:08