Honoring Hadassah Rosensaft/Ada Bimko

Minutes of the 1998 February Executive Meetings

“Respect: A Tradition To Continue”

The Meeting was opened by our 53rd International N’siah, Shari Katz, and 73rd Grand Aleph Godol, Daniel Septimus on February 15th, 1998, at 9:10am.

Session 1:


V. New Business


B. BBYO [B’nai B’rith Youth Organization] Memorial Grove

Lindsay Adler and Kevin Elias, Lonestar Region N’siah and Godol give background on the candidates, and give time for us to read the booklet.

After voting, the BBYO Memorial Grove will be dedicated to Dr. Hadassah Rosensaft.


We’d like to congratulate Shari and Daniel on running such fine meetings, and everyone in attendance for passing some motions that will truly change the face of the order for a long time.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzy Kemp
53rd International Mazkirah

Joel Snyder
73rd Grand Aleph Mazkir

Webmaster’s note: Hadassah Rosensaft [formerly known as Ada Bimko] is a survivor of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen and the widow of Bergen-Belsen survivor, Josef Rosensaft. After the liberation of Bergen-Belsen by the British Army, Hadassah and Josef elected to stay in the camp in order to assist displaced persons there. Hadassah became involved with orphans in the camp and Josef became the chairman of the Central Jewish Committee of the British Zone. At the time of her death, Mrs. Rosensaft resided in New York, NY, previously having served the United States Holocaust Memorial Council as the chairperson of the committee on archives and library.

Her writings include:

Rosensaft, Hadassah, “My Journey Into the Past,” Midstream (April 1980).

Rosensaft, Hadassah, “Rebirth at Bergen-Belsen,” Keeping Posted: Survivors, Volume XXX Number 5. New York. Union of American Hebrew Congregation (March 1985): 9.

Update: As of May 2004, I have been contacted twice with demands to remove this information from the HH Project website. They have even removed this information from their own website! You have to wonder if they finally became so embarrassed by Rosensaft’s/Bimko’s sordid record that they wish they’d never heard of her. If you are intrigued by the source of their embarassment, you can check another article here, our archive site, and David Irving’s website.