It’s Lucky They Weren’t Electrocuted

Auschwitz: truth too painful to believe

Try telling concentration camp survivors that Hitler didn’t exist.


Sydney Morning Herald

Date: 05/05/99


For a memorable 3½ years, I was a Polish political prisoner in Auschwitz. Beginning in October 1941, we prisoners were put to work building New Camp No 2 (Birkenau) to accommodate more than 200,000 new prisoners. As a construction electrician, I worked installing electrical power in four gas chambers and the adjacent crematoria. Later, during gassing, wires and cables were often ripped off by victims gasping for air and writhing in the agony of asphyxiation. We had to repair such damage when the still convulsive bodies were being lifted up for cremation.

Dozens of my Jewish friends in the camp died by gassing. Seven of my close non-Jewish friends (five Poles, one Slovene and one Corsican), unable to carry out heavy work when weakened by typhus and malaria, were thrown naked in winter frost, one on top of another, like sardines, screaming onto a truck, 80 to a load, for the 15-minute journey to the gas chamber. In the aftermath of the German defeat at Stalingrad, from the middle of 1943, the Nazis restricted gassing to Jews and Gypsies and still managed to exterminate 1.5 million people before the Red Army liberated Auschwitz in 1945.

I was still there till about three weeks before liberation, when the SS demolition squads were blasting away anything indicative of what had been going on in Auschwitz for nearly five years.

All this I described in painful detail while giving evidence against Himmler’s deputies, Kaltenbrunner and Pohl, and eight SS leaders during the first two main trials of war criminals at Nuremberg in 1945-46. My testimony withstood long and forceful cross-examination by dozens of the best German lawyers defending the Nazi elite.


George Ryba, a Sydney resident, is a survivor of Auschwitz and was a leader of the camp’s underground resistance.

Webmaster note: It may be true that the truth about Auschwitz is too painful to believe — that certainly would go a long way toward explaining the thousands of lies that are told by so-called “survivors” and eye-witnesses such as Mr. Ryba.