X-rated pseudo-history

Actors gain painful look into the past

By Yvette Craig

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Updated: Saturday, Mar. 17, 2001 at 22:25 CST

FORT WORTH — It’s dress rehearsal at Sage & Silo Theater, and actor Kit Hussey is in the uniform of a Nazi SS captain.

Removing the costume’s black hat and lowering his eyes, Hussey asks 80-year-old Lena Factor to describe how Nazi soldiers treated her in the concentration camps.


‘Bent’ focuses not on Jews but on homosexuals, who were also victims of the Nazis. […] The play is for adults; a love story involving two men, it contains nudity and foul language.

Factor says she didn’t see gays persecuted firsthand but was aware of it. […] But she wanted to help them get the historical details right.