Israel is under seige

  • Terrorists distort and defile message of the Koran

By PAUL JACKSON ([email protected])

The Calgary Sun ([email protected])| August 26, 2001

I look at the photograph on my wall and see a marvelous picture of Yitshak Rabin and I shaking hands, and I finger the Star of David medallion given me by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Jewish friends from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa phone and e-mail me and tell as to how they fear walking down the streets, sitting in sidewalk cafes, or going to the theatre.

Nowhere is safe.

Living in Israel today is like living in Nazi Germany.

It’s open-season on the Jewish people, and, as in Nazi Germany, the world apparently doesn’t care.

Didn’t we learn from our indifference to the Holocaust?

Apparently not.

Just as Nazi mobs raged through the streets of Germany smashing the windows of Jewish stores and beating up Jewish men, women and children, so the terrorists of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad tear apart the bodies and lives of Israelis today.


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