Fighting ‘anti-Semitism’ with the old Jewish Soap Lie

Lupu’s Lens

His leather jacket underscoring a full-growth white beard and tzitzit, 75-year-old Lupu Gutman is much like his films, where tradition is refracted through the modernity of the camera lens.

Gutman is now distributing copies of his haunting documentary, “Monuments of Soap,” to all the branches of the Los Angeles Public Library. The film is a tour through the remnants of post-Holocaust European graveyards, examining the monuments that were erected to mark the burial of the soap that was made of Jewish flesh. […]

“My target [audience] is teenagers” Gutman says. “I can’t convince anti-Semites not to be anti-Semites — that is stupid. But the kids who go to libraries — they should know.”



Gaby Wening
The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles