A new way of remembering the Shoah

The things that a little girl born after the Shoah knows are different from what other girls know. For example, she secretly reads a forbidden book entitled “Der gelbe Stern” — “The Yellow Star.”[…]

A girl like that knows that her grandfather Joseph, born in Baranov, Poland, his wife and four daughters, and my father’s beloved younger brother Moshe, were all burned alive with jets of boiling water at the Sobibor death camp (that’s how they did it there). The girl stares straight into Moshe’s pale eyes in his photos and sees that she looks a great deal like him. Innumerable uncles, aunts and other relatives disappeared with him.[…]

Fiamma Nirenstein

WorldNetDaily.com, January 31, 2002

Fiamma Nirenstein was born in Florence and lives in Jerusalem as a foreign correspondent and a columnist for La Stampa and Panorama in Italy. Holding a doctorate in modern history, she is the author of several books about the Middle East and other subjects.