Stark, Horrible, Evil & Magnificient, Unforgettable

This book has haunted me since I found it in our local library. I am ordering a used copy since it is out of print. Basically the book is a copy of a kind of souvineer scrapbook made by someone on the staff of the notorious camp. It is mostly pictures by the camp official photographer. The pictures are actually quite prosaic & even nostalgic. It documents the various phases of the camp operation. The pictures of the dead & their disposal are not included but this actually heightens the effect. Pictures of groups of ordinary people most of whom were dead an hour after their picture was taken. The book was found by a camp survivor, became a famous artifact & rare document of the holocaust. The book is designed to simulate the original scrapbook. The pictures are accompanied by quotes from accounts from other books & captions which illuminate what is going on beneath the almost tranquil surface. I worked in a military film archives years ago which had footage taken during the camp liberation. This is far more disturbing.


Sterling Sharp (Susanville, Ca United States

Webmaster note: This is the level of evidence typically given to support Holocaust extermination claims. Nothing is actually seen, but that just makes it all the more compelling!