Another Unassailable Eyewitness Account

I will start with you bastard! How can you say the holocaust never happened, I survived it.

My name is Heinrich, I was born in 1923 in Bavaria, I was 10 when Hitler came to power, and yes I am jewish. I was taken to Aushwitz Concentration Camp, in may of 1942, i should say extermination camp instead of Concentration, concentration camp was in maerica with the japanese. I worked at the gas chamber, and after moved bodies to the crematorium. I remeber unloading the soon to be victims at the gas chambers, we would walk them in, and would assign them a hook, on which they would hang their clothes, we told them to remember their hook number, so when they got out of the shower they could get their clothes back. We all the left and the eisatzgruppen officer would close the door, locking them in, and it was up to me to pump in the zyklon B, that’s wright, the inmates also helped in the killing. After about 15 minutes, the most worse sounding 15 minutes, when you could hear everyone choking, and one by one collapseing. then we would go in and start to load up a truck with the bodies, which then were taken to the crematorium. I was the on;y survivor of my family, and let me tell you something you son of a bith, they didn’t have lice either. Right now I am a professor of History at the University of Munich, and I rant and rave constantly to my class of ass holes like you. And as far as the final solution is concerned, have you read the Wansee Minutes, Martin Luther’s caopy was all that remained, even there the notion of evacuation is dismissed and replaced with extermination. Heydrich himself said it, if you read it. And also how come during the seocnd world war, jewish victims jewelry were being deposited into the Reich bank, eye glasses, gold watches, even gold teeth. I know people could deposite anything they wanted to into the bank, but prior to 1942, how many people would voluntarily deposite their teeth. And also it would take the guards at the camp five extra minutes to kill the women, because they had to cut their hair off to be used in making mattresses. I recomend you going to the Holocaust museum in Washingotn D.C. and if this never existed, what are all these camps for, thier couldn;t be 12 million political prisoners. And what happened to these 12 million poeple, did they all decide to go on vocation, and never come back. In my opinion, people like you, should be taken to concentration and exterminated, for you stupidity, that is the greatest crime of all. Reverse the situation, if you were me and i was you, and thank God I am not, woud you believe in the holocaust, if that was how your family was killed. Personally I hope someone hangs you from a meat hook. And the sad thing you are an educator, your degree what ever it is, even engineering, isn’t worth the paper its printed on. Go to hell

I owuld be interested to hear any feed back, and any real proof on how what i witnessed never happened.


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