Nazis used hospitals for killings

Sep 30, 9:10 PM (ET)


BERLIN (AP) — Nazi Germany used hundreds of hospitals and clinics to kill at least 200,000 handicapped, mentally ill and other institutional patients who were deemed physically inferior, researchers said Tuesday.

The conclusion is based on what researchers said was the most comprehensive analysis of Nazi records on the sites that helped carry out Adolf Hitler’s program to purify, as he saw it, the German race.

In a report compiled by Germany’s Federal Archive, researchers found new evidence on the program under which doctors and hospital staff used gas, drugs or starvation to kill disabled men, women and children at medical facilities in Germany and in present-day Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Even in internal documents, the Nazis cynically referred to the deaths as mercy killings, said Harald Jenner, a researcher at the federal archive.

The program originated at the Nazi regime’s highest levels, Jenner said in a recent essay.


Webmaster note: If this report is to be believed, there are documents that support claims that during the Third Reich, the infirm were euthanized. (Such euthanizations would not have been far-fetched, given that many forward-thinkers of that time urged the mercy killing of the infirm). Yet if these documents exist, they lend more weight to arguments that Holocaust extermination claims are false, as the Holocaust claims deal with an order of magnitude more victims, and there is no documentary evidence whatsoever.