Kids love the Holocaust

Holocaust studies encourage students to contemplate their actions

MATTOON — In a lesson related to the Holocaust, eighth-graders learned their decisions can quickly determine someone else’s fate.

[…] An estimated 6 million people were exterminated in the Holocaust, including Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and others the Nazi party deemed worthless.

The kids love this because we focus on the Holocaust and they are able to immerse themselves into it and learn so much more,” said Jenny Gergeni, MMS teacher.


Eighth-grader Owen Cunningham said Hitler’s ability to use propaganda and his charisma to sway the German people to believe lies has made him think about today’s politicians. Hitler said the bigger the lie one tells and the longer it is told, it becomes the truth, Cunningham said.

“How do we know they are telling us the truth,” Cunningham asked.


Friday, January 30, 2004 10:27 AM CST
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