Gassings at Dachau

Chilling Accounts from Holocaust Survivor

For students at Frenship learning about the Holocaust has been a life changing experience. On Friday they got a rare chance to hear from the heart of Holocaust survivor, Eva Hance.


She says she will never forget the day she and her Jewish family were taken from Hungary to a concentration camp in Germany. “The life was miserable.” The camp located in Dachau held thousands of Jewish prisoners, many of them young children like Eva.

Even decades later, the torment she experienced there is unforgettable. “You know what the Germans did when they had a baby? They would throw it up for a target shoot,” Eva says.

More than 50,000 men, women and children were tortured, gased, shot and starved of food and water for days at a time. Eva spent every moment living in fear. “I was shot on my left leg because I wanted to have some water,” Eva says.


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