Spent the Holocaust in a Soviet work camp

Survivor wants to keep knowledge of Holocaust alive

By MICHELLE EVERHART, News-Sun Staff Writer

April 10, 2004


Ira Segalewitz thought coming from Europe to America was like going from hell to heaven.

Segalewitz, 67, of Dayton, was born in Poland a few years before World War II started.

Before he was 4 years old, he and his mother had to escape deep into the Ural Mountains in the Soviet Union, where they had to live in a work camp to survive.

By the time he was 16, Segalewitz and his mother moved to the United States but they had already seen untold horrors.


“We are trying to make people aware of the horrific events of that time,” said Barbara Wagle, coordinator of Clark State’s Interfaith Campus Ministry. “We want people to know that it really did happen and keep it alive. We have to educate the younger kids about this.”