People Who Say I’m Lying Are Dangerous

Holocaust survivor warns students

Youth learn blunt lesson: It happened; it could happen again

Fifty-nine years have passed since Mike Jacobs was freed from a Nazi concentration camp.

And he has one word to describe people who deny that millions of Jews were mutilated and murdered during World War II: “dangerous. These people are very dangerous.”

Mr. Jacobs, founder of the Dallas Holocaust Memorial Center, shared his experiences with hundreds of summer-school students Thursday at Garland High School.


Mr. Jacobs, who was arrested at age 14 in his native Poland and taken to the infamous camp at Auschwitz, said it was easy for the Nazi soldiers to hate Jews.


In some cases, Nazis would force children to sing and dance “while their parents were burning alive.”

An orchestra played throughout the atrocities.

You worked by orchestra,” Mr. Jacobs said. “You were tortured by orchestra. Everything was done to music.”

Babies were thrown into the air for target practice, he said. And some soldiers would force women to hold their babies to their chests “so that they could be shot with one bullet, through the child’s head and the woman’s heart.”


Human fat was used to make soap,” Mr. Jacobs explained, adding that gold-filled teeth were yanked from the mouths of corpses. “Human skin was used to make lampshades.”



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Webmaster note: Does this remind anyone else of the false atrocity claims made during the First World War — that the Germans would throw babies into the air and “catch” them on their bayonets?

Germans bayonetting babies