Still smelling gas at Dachau

More hits from the politically correct songbook

By Frank Haden

Sunday Star Times

New Zealand, Sunday, August 8, 2004,2106,2995989a6619,00.html


I’ve seen more evidence of the Holocaust than many New Zealanders because I’ve taken the trouble to visit concentration camps such as Auschwitz, Majdanek and Dachau.

There’s not much chance of getting into bed with Holocaust deniers when you’ve seen mountains of human ash, smelled the traces of poison gas that still linger in the duckboards of those lethal “shower rooms”, and walked through Jewish neighbourhoods where the legal title of every building is still being negotiated because the owners were obliterated 60 years ago.


Thanks to website visitor “Mike” for sending this in. These short sentences really sum up the case in support of the Holocaust extermination thesis. This author, who claims actually to have visited three concentration camps, likewise claims to have seen “mountains of human ash” (there are not even traces of human ash, let alone mountains), smelled non-existent traces of (poison) gas not only at Auschwitz and Majdanek, but also at Dachau (where only fanatics still claim there were homicidal gas chambers), and furthermore he claims to have smelled the non-existent poison gas among the “duckboards” of the concrete, brick, and mortar buildings that are claimed to have been homicidal gas chambers. It’s astonishing what you can get away with saying in support of the Holocaust myth.