Death by Water Barrel

Holocaust Survivor: He Shouldn’t Get Away with Murder


Aug 10, 2004 6:46 pm US/Eastern

The federal government wants a Mercer County man’s citizenship revoked, saying the now 79-year-old retired steelworker served as a guard at two Nazi concentration camps in 1943.

But neighbors of Anton Geiser find it hard to believe he could have worked at a concentration camp.

Though some of Geiser’s neighbors say they plan to start a petition drive and contact lawmakers to keep him in the country, a local Holocaust survivor has a very different view of the case.

For Jack Sittsamer, 79, no amount of time can erase the horrors of the concentration camps.

“The crematorium could not work as fast so they used to burn the bodies… Some of the camps didn’t have crematoriums,” Sittsamer adds, “They just stuck your head in a barrel of water and they held you down for a few minutes and that’s it.”