Gas chambers in Denmark

Holocaust Survivor


HARLAN — “Every minute was a triumph for me to be alive,” Judy Meisel told 150 wide-eyed freshmen at Harlan Community High School Thursday.

Meisel, a survivor of the Nazi death camps, spoke to students in Harlan, Audubon and Elk Horn-Kimballton last week. Her visit was sponsored by The Danish Immigrant Museum.

Meisel related her experiences and answered questions after students watched her documentary film, Tak for Alt, meaning Thanks for Everything. The film describes her experiences during World War II, and her eventual arrival in Denmark during the spring of 1945. […] She was taken into custody and placed in the concentration camp, forced into slave labor at the age of 12. […] One of her scariest moments was watching her mother taken to the gas chamber. When she visited the same chamber years later, you could still see the fingernails in the walls of the chamber, she said.


Webmaster note: No wonder no one has been able to find any evidence of a Nazi gas chamber: Everyone has been looking in Poland!