Holocaust Survivors Strike Deal With US

Jewish survivors of the Holocaust have closed yet another chapter in a unique case, in which not Germany but the US was the side charged. The US was not quick to come clean in the “Hungarian gold train” affair.

After years of litigation, Jewish survivors of the Holocaust and US officials have agreed to settle a suit over gold, silver, art and other valuables stolen by the Nazis and confiscated by the US after World War II.


“This settlement is not about restituting money, it’s about restituting history,” said Gideon Taylor, vice president of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. “This is a moral step by the US to acknowledge the past.”

For some survivors, the case has left a bitter taste in their mouth. One plaintiff, Irene Tibor, 82, said she does not know how much her family lost when they were evicted from their Budapest apartment. She added that she does not understand why the US gives “everything to old enemies – even enemies” but not to the “poor old people” living in Miami.



Author DW staff/AFP (jdk)
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