Clearly, more reparations must be paid

Holocaust fund investigated for ‘unusual’ money transfers

The World Jewish Congress, which has wrung billions of dollars in Holocaust restitution from European governments and companies, is being investigated by the authorities in New York following a series of unusual money transfers of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The influential international group […] has attracted the attention of Elliot Spitzer, the New York state attorney general, who is making informal inquiries into the transfers ordered by Rabbi Israel Singer, the president of the WJC since 1985. It is possible his office could order a full-scale inquiry.


The investigation by Mr Spitzer’s office is reportedly focussing on payments ordered by Rabbi Singer between October 2002 to February last year. In that five-month period he ordered the transfer of $1.2m (£630,000) of the WJC’s funds to a numbered bank account in a bank in Geneva. The staff in its Geneva office said they were not aware of such an account.



By Andrew Buncombe in Washington
01 January 2005
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