Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Psychology of Holocaust examined



(Original publication: January 10, 2005)

NEW YORK — All of Holocaust-era German society — including military, governmental, civilian and corporate sectors — bore responsibility for the Nazi atrocities committed against Jews, leading scholars discussing the psychology and mentality of the time said yesterday.


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Webmaster note: It’s good to be the victor — you get to say anything you want about the vanquished. Given corporate involvement in the war effort in the U.S., can you imagine the claims that could have been made if the shoe was on the other foot? Also, note that the “leading scholars” are only concerned about “atrocities committeed against Jews.” No other victim groups need apply. Finally, the “atrocities” were committed by “Nazis,” that is, members of the Nazi political party. So, not only are these “leading scholars” attempting to make the Holocaust Jewish-only (years of claims that “the Holocaust” includes non-Jews notwithstanding), but they are also attempting to label every German of that time as a “Nazi.” Pretty nuanced, huh?