Money is a big factor

Stop ‘teaching’ the Holocaust


Type out the word “Holocaust” on Google and you’ll get about seven million hits. So don’t tell me we’ve failed to raise the Holocaust in the consciousness of mankind.

What we have failed to do is correctly assess the value of consciousness-raising.

The problem runs deeper. Sixty years after the Shoah, the Berlin Jewish community is still trying to get more money out of the German government. Money is a big factor in pedestrianizing the Shoah.


But the memorialization of Hitler’s victims has been sullied by the money it takes to keep Shoah-business in business.

Beyond making sure that the survivors receive their compensation checks, isn’t it time we said enough is enough?

The issue isn’t just money. When will we finally stop manipulating the Shoah for partisan purposes?

When MK Danny Naveh opposes a postage stamp marking Israel-Germany friendship because it doesn’t reference the Shoah, I don’t see his stance as honoring the memory of the martyrs or showing sensitivity to the survivors, but as demagoguery.

Another stamp bearing Shoah imagery isn’t what Israel needs.


Elliot Jager
January 14, 2005
This article was published originally in The Jerusalem Post.
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