Germans let saboteurs live

Glimpse into Holocaust shared through eyes of survivor

ASHBY — Fourth-graders at the Ashby Elementary School heard first-hand from a Holocaust survivor what it was like living and working in the German concentration camps.

Barbara Mand, 85, is the mother of Townsend resident Laura Shifrin and grandmother to Pam and Brian Shifrin.

She was visiting the Townsend area from Rochester, N.Y., and for the first time she spoke publicly about her life during World War II, when Hitler came into power.


Mand recalled working in an ammunition factory that made bullets for the Germans to kill the American soldiers with.

“We used to make the bullets damaged, so they would backfire and kill the German soldiers instead of the Americans,” she said. “When some of the Germans came back from the front, they said they were going to kill my sister, but they never did.”


Shifrin said only those who could work for the Germans, or had a talent they liked, may survive.



By Diane C. Beaudoin
June 10, 2005

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