Cannabalism at Dachau

Holocaust Survivor’s Prayer: Remember

Abington High students get lesson in ‘living history’

ABINGTON — Stephan Ross prays that today’s young people will remember the Holocaust.

“I’m getting old. I’ll be gone soon,” Ross, a Holocaust survivor, told students at Abington High School yesterday.

“You have to carry on. … It’s so important you know and remember what happened,” he said, through tears.

Donning the faded, striped shirt and cap he was wearing when American soldiers liberated him and 30,000 others from the Dachau concentration camp in 1945, Ross told the high school sophomores and juniors his harrowing and often graphic story of survival.


The starving prisoners even resorted to cannibalism, eating the dead to survive a few more days, Ross said.


Abington High world history teacher Brian Lanner, whose grandparents are Holocaust survivors from Poland, scheduled the presentation to mark the start of Human Rights Week.

“I consider Stephan to be ‘the speaker’ on the Holocaust,” Lanner said. “There is not a better person I could have invited here.”


“The Holocaust doesn’t get more real than that,” Lanner said. “This is living history.”

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December 6, 2005