Yeah, but it was his favorite potato

Survivor recounts story of Holocaust’s horrors

MARLBORO — Imagine you are a 12-year-old child, separated from your parents and on your way to a concentration camp, Holocaust survivor Robert Kaldor told Marlboro High School students.

In an effort to inform young adults about the hardships of the World War II-era Holocaust, Kaldor, 75, recalled his experiences and described how he survived.


Kaldor was only 11 when he was sent to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany with his parents. Although his mother and father died in the gas chambers, Kaldor managed to survive the terrifying years he spent at the labor camps.


In April 1945 Kaldor was sent to Theresenstadt, a camp near Prague that the Jews were placed in until they were taken to Auschwitz. It was at Theresienstadt that Kaldor’s survival skills were truly put to the test.

According to Kaldor, every week a train would come to take the Jews to the gas chambers. In order to stay alive, Kaldor said he would hide in the ceilings of the buildings until the trains were loaded and on their way to Auschwitz.


While telling the story of his life during the war, Kaldor recalled a time when the Germans beat him for two days because he was caught stealing a potato.