Holocaust victim dies only 38 years after Mengele experiments

Forgive, Holocaust survivor says

VALPARAISO — Eva Mozes Kor, an Auschwitz concentration camp survivor, brought her message of peace through forgiveness to more than 200 guests at a breakfast celebration of Older Americans Month, hosted by Pines Village Retirement Communities on Friday.


Kor, 72, founded the Children of Auschwitz Nazi Death Laboratory Experiments Survivors, or CANDLES, Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute with her twin sister Miriam in 1984.

Born in Romania, they were imprisoned for a year at Auschwitz with their family and became part of Dr. Josef Mengele’s infamous twins experiments.

Despite receiving at least 15 injections of unknown substances a week, Kor survived, but her sister, who was in the control group of the experiment, ultimately died as a result of Mengele’s work in 1993.


By Charles M. Bartholomew / Post-Tribune correspondent

Webmaster note: Being in the “control group” would have meant that Miriam Kor was receiving no medications, injections, etc. So apparently, the injections prolonged Eva Kor’s life. Those dastardly Nazis!