Merchants of the myth

The following are excerpts from the series, which aired on Iranian TV’s Channel 4

“Spielberg Tried to Make [Schindler’s List] Resemble Archival Footage of World War II”

Presenter: “The entertainment industry known as Hollywood is generally run by the racist Jews, who openly supported and continue to support global Zionism, and the policies of the Israeli government. The leading Hollywood companies, such as Columbia, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Warner Brothers, were created by this group.”


“After a widespread publicity campaign, one of the cinemas industry’s most famous accusations regarding the Holocaust was produced by Steven Spielberg, a prominent Hollywood director. The 1994 Oscar Award, the Hollywood ‘Man of the Year’ award, and the opportunity to set up a very large film company, with many studios, were among the prizes given to him by the politicians who rule Hollywood, for his film Schindler’s List.


“Spielberg considers himself to be a third-generation Holocaust survivor, and he claims that he lost some of his relatives in the death camps. The film Schindler’s List is based on a novel of that title. What is interesting about this book is that in the first edition, on one of the first pages, it says: ‘The plot of Schindler’s List is imaginary and fictitious.’ In subsequent editions, however, this key sentence was removed.”

Voiceover: “By means of black-and-white photography, a technique rarely used, Spielberg tried to make this film resemble the archival footage of World War II. In other words, the most important goal of this director was to plant an imaginary plot in realistic terms, in order to prepare the ground for political and propaganda productions.

“The use of this photographic technique creates, for some of the viewers, the impression that they are watching historical realities. This is precisely what those directing the drama of the Holocaust are trying to achieve.”

Presenter: “Even though the black-an-white scenes in Schindler’s List are very realistic, due to Spielberg’s artistic flair, they will never be as realistic as the documentary footage of the killing of Palestinian children, women, and men, which is shown daily by the various TV channels.”

(A black-and-white sequence of Palestinian suffering is shown.)

“When They Have No Proof or Evidence, They Create Films”

Georges Thiel: “Hollywood is an inexhaustible and unlimited source of production of films about the Holocaust. I repeat: When they have no proof or evidence, they create films. Some people are very gullible, and when they watch TV, they believe these films, and say: ‘Yes, I saw with my own eyes on TV how they burned people.’ One could say they are confusing truth and falsehood.

“The films about the Holocaust show synagogues that were burned, saying that this was done by the Germans. People believe this without difficulty. This still continues. A few days ago, the French Channel 5 aired a film called Schindler’s List. The film was about a German who took unemployed Jews who were harmed by the war to work in his factory. This film shows naked women walking towards the gas chamber and entering them. The Germans who were supervising the scene were laughing. When people watch this movie, they say: ‘We know that these things really did happen.’

“When they portray Auschwitz and other World War II camps, and depict killings and tortures there, people form certain interpretations and analyses in their minds. For example, the people who say, ‘Yes I saw children crying out loud,’ believe that all these scenes are real, that they were actually taken back then. They believe that these films represent reality.”


Voiceover: “Spielberg, like other directors of films about the Holocaust and the Jews, insists that the oppression of the Jews is unique, and that they must live apart from other peoples everywhere in the world, because of their uniqueness.


“We should ask whether the uniqueness of this oppression leads the viewer to accept their unique emigration and occupation — the occupation of Palestine. Are the factories built by Schindler in order to save Jews from death the same as the refuge shelters that the Jews needed to be saved from death and from a life as refugees, which they built after World War II, under the name of Israel? The large sums of money spent by Schindler in order to save Jewish lives — aren’t similar to the endless dollars that the Americans give to the racist regime of Israel?

“At the end of the movie, it is said that Schindler continued his investments in America after the war, and that he died there. After showing Schindler’s burial place in America, the film presents the list of people whose lives he saved. However, the author of Schindler’s List wrote that his characters were not real, and that the list of Schindler was, in fact, imaginary.

“According to Herzl, the founder of the global Zionist movement, the enemies of the Jews would become their greatest supporters. In 1912, Herzl wrote to the British Secretary of State for the Colonies: ‘I’m turning to you because the matter at hand is a colonialist matter. I ask for your support for the Zionist enterprise.’ The essence of Herzl’s enterprise was to set up a colonialist company, under the auspices of the British government.”

“The Zionists Joined Forces With the Regime of Nazi Germany, Because Those Jews — Contrary To The Will Of The Zionists — Wanted to Remain in Their Country”

“At first, the location of this occupying company did not matter. Uganda, Argentina, Cyprus, and Madagascar were among the countries that Herzl believed could be the initial location for the creation of the Zionist establishment. But Herzl’s friends reminded him that Palestine was a code name that would be more influential in mobilizing the Jews. He took advantage of that powerful legend. His main goal was to gather a large number of Jews to form a united nation.

“In the days of Hitler, this policy resulted in the Nazi regime collaborating with the Zionists, against the Jews of Germany and [the Jews of] the neighboring countries. The Zionists joined forces with the regime of Nazi Germany, because those Jews — contrary to the will of the Zionists — wanted to remain in their country, where their culture and religion would be respected.

“According to a letter disclosed in the 80s by the former Soviet regime, the Zionists wrote to Hitler that if the Nazis agreed to cooperate with the Zionists, they would attempt to direct the Jews out of Germany, and to prevent them from entering Germany. In 1937, Alfred Rosenberg, a leading Nazi theorist, wrote: ‘Zionism should have our complete support, so that many Jews will be transferred every year to occupied Palestine.’ Therefore, they signed an agreement with the Nazis in 1933, whereby the Jews would be transferred to occupied Palestine. Later, the Zionists wrote a letter to the Jewish committee in America, demanding the cooperation of the American Jews with the Nazis.

“According to an Agreement Between the Global Zionist Movement and the… Gestapo, The Zionists Living in Palestine Imported Agricultural Equipment from Germany, Paying For It With the Property of Jews Living in Germany”

“In the days of Hitler, the Zionist associations collaborated closely with Nazi Germany in the oppression of the Jews who wanted to remain in Germany. In those years, according to an agreement between the global Zionist movement and the heads of the Nazi security service Gestapo, the Zionists living in Palestine imported agricultural equipment from Germany, paying for it with the property of Jews living in Germany. At the same time, after emigrating to Palestine German Jews would receive their property back from the Zionist agencies in Palestine. When Hitler came to power, out of all the Jews who were members of any organization, 5% were members of the global Zionist movement, and 95% were members of the German Jewish association, and wanted to retain their German nationality. The Nazis formed an alliance with the Zionists, whom they considered to be proper Jews, because the Zionists wanted the Jews to emigrate to Palestine.”


Georges Thiel: “When the National Socialists came to power in Germany in 1933, it was after preparing the ground for a long time. That year, no Jewish organization agreed with them. But when Hitler said that the Jews should have their own state and territory, many organizations agreed with him. At that time, of course, Palestine and Israel were not mentioned at all. People were talking mainly about Madagascar, and about settling the Jews there. The Germans had land in Madagascar. The Germans made the French give them Madagascar for that purpose. Unfortunately, however, after the war broke out, they realized that the British controlled the Suez Canal and the Aden passage. Consequently, emigration to Madagascar constituted a problem for them. Therefore, Hitler said: ‘There are many other options, including Palestine, but I would not want to place the responsibility for settling the Jews in Palestine upon the Arabs.’ He did not want to settle the Jews next to the Arabs.”


“There Was a Final Solution But It Was Never Carried Out; The Nazis Never Said That the Jews Should Be Annihilated”

Prof. Robert Faurisson: “The German National Socialists and the Zionists were in agreement. The Zionists believed that the Jews should have their own state — but in what territory? The Germans, just like other European countries, believed that the Jews could be settled on the Madagascar Island, or elsewhere in the African continent. Some time later, they abandoned this solution, and believed that the Jews could be settled in some corner of Russia, but later, they came up with a different solution — Argentina. There were also thoughts about settling them in other African countries, such as Uganda. Finally, they came up with the solution of settling the Jews in Palestine. The Zionists welcomed that solution. At some point, Hitler declared that the Jews could go to Palestine, but he abandoned that solution, due to the pressure of the Arabs and Muslims, and said that the Jews should not go there, because the Arabs were so courageous and deeply rooted. It should be noted that the Great Mufti of Jerusalem was in Berlin at the time, and he remained there until the end of World War II.

“So there was a final solution but it was never carried out. The Nazis never said that the Jews should be annihilated. Such a thing never happened. Hitler never gave an order to massacre the Jews merely because they were Jews. During World War II, citizens were sentenced to death by military courts, and soldiers and officials of the German government were executed for the crime of killing even on Jew. Note that I am not claiming that no killings occurred during the war — including the killing of Jews. They did happen, but not in the way they claim.”


The Zionists “Wanted To Help Only Those Jews Who Had Abilities That Would Be Instrumental In Establishing the RacistState Of Israel”

Voiceover: “The shamelessness of the Zionists extended beyond their collaboration with the Nazi regime, and beyond their oppression of Jews who wanted to remain in Germany. In order to accomplish their racist and militaristic goals, they even carried out a selection of the Jewish immigrants. They wanted to help only those Jews who had abilities that would be instrumental in establishing the racist state of Israel.

“The association of German immigrants complained that representatives of the Jewish Agency in Berlin [refrained] from providing immigration papers to the infirm. The 1943 records of the Rescue Committee of the Jewish Agency, which was subordinate toe the global Zionist movement, said: ‘Are we supposed to help all those in need, regardless of their individual characteristics? Shouldn’t we consider this issue from the national Zionist perspective, and rescue, first and for all, those who could be useful to the Greater Israel? I am aware that presenting this issue in such a way might seem cruel, but unfortunately, we must examine this soberly. Out of 50,000 people, is it better to rescue 10,000 who have the ability to help in the establishment of the state, and in the national revival, or is it better to rescue one million Jews, who will be a deadly burden upon society? We must restrict the numbers. Despite the accusations that would be leveled at us by millions of useless immigrants, we must rescue only those 10,000 immigrants who are useful.'”

Presenter: “Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Goebbels, once said, with regard to the Nazi propaganda methods: ‘The bigger the lie, the more realistic it appears.’ The Hollywood producers, despite their anti-Nazi claims, seem to use the same methods, in an effort to present these exaggerations more realistically.”

“What You Have Heard is a Great Historical Lie, Which Has Continued For 55 Years”

Georges Thiel: “In my opinion, what you have heard is a great historical lie, which has continued for 55 years. They are trying to make people throughout the world believe that during World War II, there was discussion about the genocide of the Jews, and that six million people were killed in this method in the prisoner camps. But it has not yet been proven where this massacre took place.

“These places may have been investigated by many experts, including chemists and other researchers like myself. Eventually, we reached the conclusion that these [gas chambers] could not have existed. There is no documentation, other evidence, or any financial, economic, or administrative documents, referring to the existence of gas chambers. Their main claim is that the genocide of the Jews was carried out in gas chambers by means of Zyklon B. I have studied the documents, and searched for corroborative evidence for these crimes. But I could not find any evidence of this.

“True, the ‘Gerstein Report,’ which was presented in 1985, could serve as the starting point of this corroboration. Gerstein was one of the SS personnel in charge of food supplies, who supervised the prisoner camps. When he was imprisoned after the war, he was forced to write down his confession, and to admit using Zyklon B in the gas chambers. Several days after signing this confession, he was murdered in his cell.

“For years, a French engineer by the name of Henri Roques has been examining this confession. He studied the method of obtaining this confession. He determined that there were seven different versions of Gerstein’s confession. This French engineer revealed, in a most professional manner, that his confession was a fabrication.”


Voiceover: “One of the most important claims of the Jews and the Allies after the war was that the Germans had been killing the Jews en masse in the gas chambers. After the war, they based these claims on places where they said these gas chambers had existed. This claim of the Zionists is now cast in great doubt. The scientists’ studies conducted in the vicinity of these locations proved these claims to be false. Fred Schuster [sic], an American gas chamber engineer, chose locations in Auschwitz where gas chambers were said to have existed, in order to conduct his experiments. He proved that this place was not used for this purpose. Not a trace of the cyanide compound could be found on the walls at Auschwitz.”

“The German Nazi Regime Would Have Had to Last 75 Years In Order to Kill Six Million Jews”

“Cyanide poison is one of the active ingredients of Zyklon B, which allegedly was used to put the prisoners to death. The chemist claims that even if chemical substances or poisons had been found, in order for six million people to have been killed 1,693 people would have had to be killed in each gas chamber every week. This would have taken 68 years. In other words, the German Nazi regime would have had to last 75 years, in order to kill six million Jews.

“The structures and equipment of the gas chambers indicate that they were never used to put people to death.”


Georges Thiel: “It’s simple. The Nuremberg international military tribunal is an ignominy, something that cannot be called true. In fact, the Nuremberg trials were not real trials, because they were staged. Everybody was from the Western Allied forces, except for the Russians. Russia was managing things in Moscow. People who opposed Moscow and stood in its way were put to death by Russia. If you ask me whether this was an international tribunal, I would have to say that it wasn’t. Nuremberg was not an international tribunal, because it was established by the Allied forces. It was a tribunal formed by the victors to place the vanquished on trial. In my opinion, we have examples of this in present times, but I will not mention names.”

To Obtain Reparations, “The Number of Those Who Had Suffered in the Holocaust Suddenly Began to Multiply By the Hundreds”

Voiceover: “Many survivors unaffected by the events in the labor camps passed themselves off as prisoners, in order to benefit from the high reparations. This is why the number of those who had suffered in the Holocaust suddenly began to multiply by the hundreds.”

Presenter: “By 2000, Germany had paid out some $60 million in reparations to the Zionist regime and to the Jews. These reparations were so important to the Zionist regime that Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of the Zionist regime, expressed his delight in a letter to Nahum Goldman, president of the World Zionist Organization: ‘You and I have had the pleasure of experiencing two miracles: The creation of the state of Israel and the signing of the agreement with Germany. I was responsible for the first, and you were responsible for the second.'”


Georges Thiel: “It is people like Faurisson who can demolish this lie. He is a very benevolent and loving human being. He can be compared to Louis Pasteur, who served humanity by inventing medicines. Faurisson, too, by exposing historical truths, has performed a very great service to humanity.”