Fictitious flaming, stinking crematories

Holocaust survivor tells of death march ordeal.

A HOLOCAUST survivor has given a moving account of her incarceration in a Nazi concentration camp and of being forced on a death march in the final days of the war.

Trude Levi, 82, spoke at the Town Hall on Monday to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, which this year had the theme, “dignity with difference”.


But the room fell silent as Mrs Levi, an unassuming great-grandmother, told how, aged 19, she was taken from her homeland by the Nazis.


With her mother and father, she was taken by train — in carriages crammed with up to 130 people — to Auschwitz concentration camp.

Mrs Levi said: “There was screaming for five days and five nights. On arrival at Auschwitz I remember the smoking chimneys and the stench coming from the crematoriums.


Now living in Mill Hill, she worked for many years as a librarian at University College London and has written two books on the Holocaust.

Mrs Levi spends much of her time giving talks about her experiences. In 1998, she received an honorary doctorate for her work in Holocaust education.


Mark Blunden
Islington Tribune