Holocaust probe underway: Iranian official

LONDON, June 2 (IranMania) — An official said unpublished Holocaust documents will change the West’s political equation toward Muslim world, particularly Iran.

Mohammad Ali Ramin, director general of World Holocaust Foundation, also told ISNA that the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is pursuing the Holocaust issue in a manner different from that of previous governments.

“The government has emphasized that Holocaust is a myth,” he said.

Ramin noted that his government-sponsored body is probing the veracity of Holocaust and has challenged Europe to hand over documents proving the mass slaughter of Jews in World War II.

Established after Iran organized the Holocaust conference last year, World Holocaust Foundation said Austria, Germany and Poland in particular should supply documents.

Earlier, Ramin said that the West should also hand over the dossier on the organized massacre of Jews in Europe during World War II to the independent international fact-finding committee affiliated to the foundation.

President Ahmadinejad ordered the establishment of the foundation after inviting a number of Holocaust researchers to a conference in Tehran in December which gave rise to international protests.

Ahmadinejad has repeatedly questioned the scale of the Holocaust and described the mass killing of six mln Jews in World War II as a “myth”.


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