Lieberman to do Jewish outreach for McCain in Holocaust Memorial

Sen. Joe Lieberman is stepping up his efforts for John McCain, heading to Michigan next week to for a reception targeted at Jewish voters in the Detroit area. The gathering is taking place in a decidedly unique venue for a political get-together, though.

McCain’s Jewish Advisory Coalition is sponsoring the Connecticut senator’s appearance at the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills, Mich., next Wednesday.

The event is not a fundraiser — that will be held seperately, I’m told — but it is being promoted by the campaign.

The Memorial Center is described on its website as “the nation’s first freestanding museum dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust.”

Asked about the decision to hold a political event in such a solemn setting, McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb said, “This location has been the site of political gatherings before, and the campaign felt that it would be a unique and educational setting for our supporters to meet with Senator Lieberman.”

The campaign noted that in 2007, a large protest was held there to demonstrate against Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visit to the U.S.

Initially, McCain’s campaign planned to hold the event at a synogauge. But the Orthodox community of Michigan expressed displeasure about that and the compromise was to hold the gathering at the Holocaust facility.