Jerry Springer discovers how his grandmothers were killed in the Holocaust

  • Jerry Springer, the American chat show host, breaks down in tears tonight (Wed) as he discovers how both his Jewish grandmothers were killed in the Holocaust.

The way they met their deaths at the hands of the Nazis was unearthed in an edition of the BBC1 genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are?, in which Springer travels to Germany and Poland to trace his family tree.

The talk show host, the son of Jewish refugees, was born in a London tube station during an air raid in 1944 after his parents fled to Britain to escape persecution.
Springer knew that his grandmothers had died in the Holocaust but had always assumed that they were murdered in Auschwitz.

As he retraces the final years of their lives, he finds proof that his maternal grandmother, Marie Kallman, was deported to a ghetto in Poland in 1941, where she lived in squalid conditions in a cramped room with six other people.

She was then sent in a cattle wagon to the Chelmno extermination camp in Poland where she was gassed to death alongside her sister and brother-in-law.

By Nicole Martin, Digital and Media Correspondent
Last Updated: 12:09AM BST 27 Aug 2008

Webmaster note: Wouldn’t you just love to see the documentation on this gassing claim?