Mofaz: Livni misusing survivors funds

Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz issued a harsh attack on his main rival for the Kadima leadership, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, on Saturday night, accusing her of not having the clean hands that are seen as her top electoral asset.

Mofaz made reference to an investigative report published in Ma’ariv on Friday that found that Livni’s campaign manager, Moshe Shehori, ran her campaign out of the office of his job as director of the Fund for the Welfare of Holocaust Survivors.

The story said that to advance Livni’s campaign, he used office staff, a cell phone and a car provided by the fund, which receives its budget from the government and the Claims Conference.

“It is unacceptable that the Fund for the Welfare of Holocaust Survivors is being used for election purposes,” Mofaz said. “Ms. Livni herself said that she doesn’t think everything that is not criminal is OK. If she talks about clean hands, she should practice what she preaches. Where is her shame? Where are her morals? Where is her responsibility?”

Mofaz noted that Livni had not taken action to remedy the situation since the article was published and said that he expected her to do so immediately.

“Not just me, but all of the Kadima members expect her to take action to stop using the fund to advance her campaign,” Mofaz said. “Clean governance is important and all four candidates are obligated by it and that includes Ms. Tzipi Livni.”