Rivers compares AOL to Holocaust deniers

Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa, were due to critique Emmy fashions on AOL.com’s fashion site, StyleList, immediately following the Sept. 21 awards show. But the mother-daughter team’s comments never saw the light of day.

What happened?

Rivers says she was “censored.” She told Page Six that her quips, which included several references to Nazi Germany, (among them: “Julia Louis-Dreyfus — luckily she waxed her mustache. I know one of her neighbors, and if she leaves it for two or three weeks she looks just like Hitler.”) were too offensive for AOL, and that’s why the plug was pulled.

“AOL is like Holocaust deniers,” Rivers told Page Six. “They want us to believe 6 million Jews spent World War II in Boca and Anne Frank was in an attic for two years looking for Christmas ornaments.”



Courtney Hazlett
The Scoop

Webmaster note: Well, Rivers is clearly old enough to remember Hitler, but her memory of their time together seems to be getting more than a bit fuzzy.