The ‘Hitler order’


Coming along your website I saw your contribution “The Hitler Order” and I want you to know that it is incomplete because the so called “final solution” was taken from the Wannsee-Protocol. According to that the situation is as follows:

In the Wannsee-Protocol there is not a single sentence about the murder of Jews, no shooting, no gassing, no hanging, no burning, nothing the like. In contradiction to the assertion of the international liars press since about 60 years there is something in this protocol which provides a quite different picture of the matter. It reads literally:

“Unter entsprechender Leitung sollen im Zuge der Endlösung die Juden in geeigneter Weise im Osten zum Arbeitseinsatz kommen. In großen Kolonnen (Arbeits-), unter Trennung der Geschlechter, werden die arbeitsfähigen Juden straßenbauend in die Gebiete geführt, wobei zweifellos ein Großteil durch natürliche Verminderung ausfallen wird. Der allfällig endlich verbleibende Restbestand wird, da es sich bei diesem zweifellos um den widerstandsfähigsten Teil handelt, entsprechend behandelt werden müssen, da dieser, eine natürliche Auslese darstellend, bei Freilassung als Keimzelle eines neuen jüdischen Aufbaues anzusprechen ist.” (Emphasis by D.R.)

“Under the appropriate leadership during the process of the final solution of the Jews, they shall be deployed to the East as laborers in the appropriate manner. In large groups (laborers), by separating the males from the females, those Jews who are fit to work will be employed in road construction in the various regions, where without a doubt the large number will be lost through natural decrease. Those that eventually and finally remain, which obviously represent the most robust part, must be dealt with accordingly, since they represent the natural selection, which after their release can be considered the nucleus of a new Jewish build-up.”

The last sentence clearly states that the SS-Schutzstaffel intended to let the remaining Jews free, after the work was done, for “a new Jewish build-up.” The question remains: What intended Hitler and the SS to build up with a Jewish elite? The answer is: the Jewish state in Israel! For this please look into the book “Adolf Hitler — Founder of Israel” by Hennecke Kardel.

Perhaps you are interested in the Structure of World Domination:

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Dieter Rueggeberg
Wuppertal, Germany