Holocaust project identifies four million victims

A list of confirmed names of Jews killed by the Nazis in the Second World War has reached the four million mark, Israel’s Holocaust museum announced, saying the identity of all six million dead may never be known.


Announcing the organization had confirmed the identities of four million of the Jews who perished, Mr. Shalev said he doubted the names of all six million would ever come to light, although he stressed the figure is still accurate. […]

Israel’s Holocaust memorial says it has now identified four million of the six million Jews who were killed by Nazis in the Holocaust of the Second World War.

Yad Vashem has made the recovery of the names a main mission in order to keep the memory of the murdered Jews alive.




Webmaster note: It is good they finally got this list together while some of the survivors are still alive to see their names on the list. As for the “deniers,” if they don’t believe Yad Vashem, what are you gonna do?