Auction house says it sold Josef Mengele journals

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut auction house says it has sold the journals written by Nazi death camp doctor Josef Mengele. The sale is drawing criticism from a leader of Holocaust survivors who says the business was profiting off the sale of one of the worst mass murderers in history.

Alexander Autographs, of Stamford, sold the journals Thursday for nearly $300,000, said Bill Panagopulos, the company’s president. Alexander officials said the Jewish buyer wants to remain anonymous and is building a private collection for a museum.

“I am outraged that Mr. Panagopulos and his outfit have profiteered off a sale of materials by one of history’s greatest mass murderers designed to enrich his heirs,” said Menachem Rosensaft, vice president of the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants.


Rosensaft said Mengele “selected” his aunt for the gas chambers in 1944, and many other relatives were killed in the Holocaust. He said his mother, who survived, saw Mengele knock a young woman to the ground, put a boot on her chest and hummed a song while keeping his foot in place until she died.


Mengele was one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals, a doctor who conducted cruel experiments on twins and dwarves at the Auschwitz concentration camp and killed children with lethal injections. He selected prisoners who would be subjected to his experiments and sent others straight to their death in gas chambers.

His horrors earned him the title “Angel of Death.”


Source: JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN — Associated Press

Webmaster note: What’s the bet that once the contents of these diaries are made fully public, they will contain no support for any of the multiple claims of atrocities allegedly committed by Mengele?