Could you please tell me …

… how much money (pound sterling, dollar or euro would be helpful!!) the Jews have had to spend on keeping the Russian liberating soldiers and government quiet about this hoax? And then all the satellite states. And the local populations outside the over 1,000 camps. How much does their silence cost? And what about the Americans? How much does their complicity in this hoax cost the evil Jew? And before I forget you fucking dullard, how much the British soldiers? The ones from colonies all over the planet. How much, for instance, do the Jews pay the Gurkhas? Or the Fijian units? Or the Indians? Or Australians? Fuck mate … you are some serious idiot.

That there are contradictions and lies with so many Holocaust testimony’s is proof that the Holocaust is not a hoax.

Don’t apply to join the police force dimwit. Unless it’s as a client. Maybe they’ll put you in a cell. That’d be a shame.


Jamis Ins

Webmaster: “We‘ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” — CIA Director William Casey