Best Evidence

Preserving Auschwitz: Forensic evidence of the Holocaust is the best answer to the deniers.

from the Wall Street Journal editorial page


BY TIMOTHY RYBACK Wednesday, July 7, 2004 12:01 a.m. EDT

Last month, Jarek Mensfelt, spokesman for the Auschwitz memorial site, announced plans to preserve the ruins of the gas chambers and crematoria in the notorious death camp at Birkenau near the Polish town of Oswiecim. […]


Of course, the historical and circumstantial evidence of a premeditated Nazi plan to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe is overwhelming. […] The dearth of hard evidence has fueled a growth industry in Holocaust-denial.

The revisionists’ plaint is simple: They demand a proverbial “smoking gun” to prove that the Nazis deliberately and systematically designed an industrial system of extermination. […]


In the battle against Holocaust deniers, Birkenau’s extermination facilities remain important forensic evidence. […]

Between 1942, when they were first put into operation, and 1944, when they were dynamited, more than a million human beings — mostly Jewish — were fed into these extermination plants, forced into subterranean chambers and gassed, their corpses removed and transported by mechanical conveyance to the crematoria ovens. The chimneys belched smoke into the air. The remnant ash was scattered in the surrounding fields, or dumped in a nearby pond whose muddied bottom, even today, is of a sticky gray viscosity laced with matchstick-size splinters of human bone.


Mr. Ryback is author of “The Last Survivor: Legacies of Dachau.”

Webmaster note: Other than the observation that crematory buildings 1 and 2 at Birkenau were almost certainly destroyed in 1945, there is no evidence that anyone was forced into the underground (!) rooms said to have functioned as gas chambers. There is no evidence of a “mechanical conveyance” to lift the claimed millions of poison-laden corpses up to the crematory ovens. Crematory ovens are designed NOT to belch smoke (or stench). And there are no known remnants of ash or bone splinters, either in surrounding fields or in any pond: if there were, it could be shown that this ash was human in origin.

Teacher jailed for making revisionist film

Teacher jailed for making revisionist Nazi film

Thu 10 Jun 2004


A TEACHER [Vincent Reynouard, 33] banned from working in France for peddling revisionist views on the Holocaust has been sentenced to two years in prison by a French court after he made a film contesting a brutal Second World War massacre by Nazi SS storm-troopers.


Reynouard was first convicted in 1991 of distributing revisionist literature when he was a student in Caen, in Normandy. Six years later he was sacked from his post as a maths teacher at a technical college in nearby Honfleur, after he set homework involving counting Dachau concentration-camp victims and was discovered to have stored revisionist documents denying the Holocaust on the school computer.

Reynouard was eventually banned from teaching anywhere in France. He also wrote a revisionist book questioning the Nazi slaughter entitled The Oradour Massacre: A Half-Century of Theatre.

In 1998, some 500 French and German copies of the book were seized by police in Brussels and the Flemish port city of Antwerp at the request of French judicial authorities.

Reynouard’s sentence was handed down by the Limoges appeals court, which said that his film had insulted the memory of those who had been massacred.

The court doubled his original prison sentence, but reduced his fine of 10,000 (6,688 pounds), ordering him instead to pay 1,000 (668 pounds) in damages to each of the three civil parties in the case, including Marcel Darthout, one of the last two survivors of the massacre still alive today.


This article:

Surviving in a Mass Grave

MP in plea to churches to unite against racist BNP

By Lindsay Mcgarvie, Sunday Mail

May 30 2004 &siteid=86024&headline=never-again-name_page.html

A SCOTS MP has called on church leaders to unite against the BNP in next week’s Euro elections.

Eastwood MP Jim Murphy will meet with religious leaders tomorrow, including Holocaust survivor Rabbi Ernest Levy.


As a teenager, he [Rabbi Ernest Levy] survived seven Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Belsen, where he found himself lying in a mass grave beside the dead and dying.


He Remembers the Screams

Holocaust survivor: Don’t forget



Decades after World War II when Thomas Blatt met one of his former captors from the Nazis’ Sobibor death camp, he wasn’t scared of the man himself; he was scared of how normal the man seemed.


He was spared at the camp and made a servant while his family and thousands of others — the death toll from Sobibor is believed to be more than 250,000 — were killed. Blatt remembers the cold efficiency of the camp’s gas chambers.

“I heard a terrible scream,” he said. “It lasted for about 15 minutes. It went very fast.”


Gas chambers at Terezienstadt

Horrors of Holocaust detailed for students

By Ron Jensen, Stars and Stripes European edition, Friday, April 30, 2004

Joanna Millan was a baby when the Nazis took her and her mother to a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia. Her mother died, but Joanna was adopted by a Jewish couple in England. She told her remarkable story on Wednesday to students at Lakenheath High School in England.


She was separated from her mother soon after arriving at Thereisenstadt […]


“I was one of less than 100 that came out alive in 1945,” she said. “I believe I was saved because I had no one to take me to the gas chambers.”


NOW we have the proof

U.S. tipped to Holocaust in ’42

By Richard Willing, USA TODAY

Posted 5/13/2004 10:54 AM

Updated 5/13/2004 11:14 PM

WASHINGTON –; U.S. intelligence officials learned within months of the U.S. entry into World War II that Nazi Germany planned mass killings to eliminate Jews, scholars reviewing newly declassified reports said Thursday.


It was an intelligence failure,” said Richard Breitman, an American University Holocaust historian who studied the documents. “The early information was not assimilated or used correctly.”

Breitman was part of a team of scholars, citizens and government officials who reviewed more than 240,000 pages of documents at the National Archives related to Nazi and other World War II-era crimes. The material was from files of the FBI, CIA and its predecessor, the Office of Strategic Services.

The documents show a federal intelligence unit was formed to interview Jews who immigrated from Axis countries in 1941 and 1942. One, Joseph Goldschmied, described how Germans seized money and property from Jews in his hometown, Prague, Czechoslovakia, and sent thousands to die in the Theresienstadt detention camp.


Webmaster note: It is worth repeating that there are no Nazi documents or code intercepts that support Holocaust extermination claims. Therefore, there cannot be proof of such a program in the National Archives. In fact, there are no such documents or other evidence cited by this article in support of its main claim. Don’t they trot out this “we have now, finally, at long last, this-time-for-certain, found the evidence to support Holocaust extermination claims” story every couple of years? At the very least, these articles acknowledge that up until now, they have found no proof worthy of the name, otherwise, these findings would be neither revelations nor even newsworthy.