Nazi ‘soap’ and synthetic rubber

My interest is pursuing a personal hypothesis that the myth of the so-called Nazi “soap” may have actually had a factual industrial size basis, not as bars of household soap, but as a type of industrial liquid soap used in the emulsion polymerization process vital to production of synthetic rubber and that German secrecy, deception, and destruction of records, combined with mis-interpretation of surviving record fragments, have led to this potential industrial scale use of corpses being overlooked.

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your crap

how’s about a bullet to your brain? you know it’s just a matter of time til some pissed-off JDL commando comes and blows whatever pitiful tissue that you have in your head all over your bed. you are one dumb fucker for making this your cause and thinking the 1st amendment is gonna save your ass cause the 4th amendent gives them the right to come gunnin’ for you.

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your stories

my father,75 years old had a wife and 2 kids,one 2 year old a boy .and a 1 year old girl,they arrived in treblinka in june 1942 ,they are dead,thats a FACT,now tell me where they are?,or maybe they just went for a walk and got lost?,allso my dad had 5 brothres,and 2 sisters,this poor souls had the luck to be send to auschwitz,another “work camp”,,,,i dont have a problem with your theory ,i am just wondering i KNOW of MY FAMILY and there are at least 85 pepole dead,so the number 6 million make sense to me,and if you are so sure its all a hoax,WHERE ARE THIS PEPOLE?

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