holocaust denial

As one with no vested interest in the existence of the Holocaust or not the question begs: If there was no policy to exterminate the Jews of Europe what in fact happened to the entire Jewish population of Poland, one of the most populous in Europe before the war; what happened to thousands upon thousands of Hungarian Jews, Jews from villages in Lithuaina, Latvia and countless other similar areas of Eastern Europe who simply ceased to exist after the war had ended ?

An answer that they all ended up in the USA or other Western countries would be a little too simplistic. I have gained the impression that “historians” such as yourself, sir, would quite easily teach, and believe that the earth was flat and, sadly you’d find an audience tht would accept your belief without question, simply because the greater the lie the greater the impact that exists in that lie. I live in South Africa where we are currently living through the horrors of a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” through which facts have emerged of atrocities perpetrated by the so-called “civilised” element of our population (The whites) on the so-called “less-civilised” (The Blacks) because the former were brainwashed into believing that the latter where no more than animals deserving little more than subjugation and even, when necessary, extermination. This was sanctioned by the Nationalist Government which I am prepared to bet would rate high on your list of “admired rulers”.

Forgive me if I am wrong. However, I have personally witnessed, as I write the fact that so-called civilised man is capabile of committing acts that are incomprehendable and as savage as that enacted by the Nazis. I simply fail to undertand what you feel you have to gain in defending this generation of Germans who deserve to go down in history as the ultimate example of “civilised depravity”. Please explain this to me and I will accept your wisdom without further question — however, I mjst warn you, it will not be easy.

V. Gordon

South Africa