holocaust denial


Having spent a vast portion of my life trying t trace missing members of my family who perished in Treblinka I am left wondering what someone with obvious intellegence such as yours feels he has to gain by publishing the drivel you laboriously produce in a feeble attempt to try and cover up the indescribable beastiality that those you admire perpertrated against the Jews of Europe.

Please explain to me what you and other like you possibly have to gain in what we hope is a world dominated by some sort of rationality and plain sanity ? Why is it so important to you to make such efforts to fabricate the basic evidence that exists to support history as it actually ocurred ? Is jot because Jews are are the victims and therefore Jews should not be allowed to gain a foothold of sympathy in a world that has openly displayed and perpetrated hostility for centuries ? While the pogroms of the past have done little to catch the imagination of an indifferent world did the Nazi’s actually create a situation that elevated Jewish suffering to a level that simply could not be ignored, leaving a sense of discomfort that had to be countered at all costs ? Finally, Sir, how has the action of any Jew ever effected you personally at any stage of your life ?

Where you ever unfairly treated, deprived of a precious possession or, possibly simply made to feel inferior ? What is the nasis of your obvious resentment ? Have you ever stopped to consider if it has any logical grounds or is your predjudice and bigotry just so deeply ingrained that you are simply beyond logical thought ? I ask this not in a spirit of antagonism but simply because I am interested to know and wonder if a) you would bother to answer and b) to try and fathom the working of your mind, provided your answer is open and honest. I wait with interest.

V. Gordon

South Africa (Where we have enacted our own terrible atrocities)